Sunday, 3 January 2016

Back to work - Beating the Sunday night blues

Well I don't know about you but I suffer from the Sunday night blues big time. I don't hate my job but I do love my weekends. If I'm honest, it's not because I have a huge social life and am out every weekend but I just love having those 2 days to myself.

Weekends for me are usually spent with my menagerie (2 dogs and a cat) and my boyfriend, Chris. Chris will often work on a Saturday so I usually spend this time seeing friends or shopping and then Sundays are our chill out day. We often will have a mad blitz of the chores and then spend the rest of our free time relaxing and watching films.

I love having time with my family, friends and our animals so as you can imagine, on a Sunday evening I sure do get the "back to work grumps". Today is no different, in fact tonight I am feeling this even more as I have had the last 2 weeks off work!

When I am dreading a Monday morning there are a few things that I like to do that put me in a better mood and make me feel more ready for the week ahead.

The first thing I do to really relax is to take a nice warm bath using some of my nicer bath products. I will pick up a bath soak, oil or bubble bar, my favourite at the moment is my Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Bath Oil. Just before I get in, I put in a nice skin softening bath bomb (tonights choice being So White from Lush) and watch that fizz away before dipping my toes. Whilst in the bath after some relaxing time reading my book, I use a cleanser like Origins Make A Difference Cleansing Milk to remove my make up. I then like to use a face mask, like the Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Mask. Whilst this works into my skin I wash my body, my current favourite is a Christmas gift set present, the Laura Ashley Shower Cream. I love this product but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be sold separately so I am going to be really upset once it is used up.

After my bath I will put on my Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask and moisturise my body using either the Laura Ashley Body Lotion (from the same set as the shower cream) or I will use the Lush Massage Bar Each Peach (And Two's a Pair).

Then it's time to put on some comfy Pyjamas and paint my nails. Due to the nature of my job, I don't tend to wear any really extravagant colours so I usually go for either a nude, grey or red. If I need a bit of confidence I will usually go for OPI's Big Apple Red - a red nail polish can really turn my mood around and make me feel like I can take on the world!

Once my nails are painted and I've waited what feels like a lifetime for them to dry (and let's face it, probably bashed them as I've attempted to look at my phone whilst waiting), I then go on to prepping for Monday morning. I like to make sure I know what I'm wearing the night before otherwise it really stresses me out in the morning. I get out what I'm going to wear and check if anything needs ironing - no I am not one of those people that stands ironing for hours before she puts it away, life's too short for that.

Once my clothes are out and ironed I then will prep for lunch. I am quite bad at doing this and normally end up grabbing a sandwich in my lunch hour but it means I end up eating unhealthily. I like to take a wrap for my lunch like falafel, humous and salad, as well as some fruit and some carrots or peppers to snack on.

Once all this prep is done I can finally relax with my loves and enjoy dinner and a film.

This little routine really makes me feel calm and so ready to bust into work on Monday morning with my freshly painted nails and healthy prepared lunch in my hand.

I would love to hear what you all do on a Sunday evening to get over the Sunday night blues so give me a tweet or comment below and let me know.

Lots of love, MiMi x

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