Sunday, 31 January 2016

Jenni's Beauty Lashes

False lashes have to be my go-to beauty product for an evening out so when Jenni from Jenni's Beauty Lashes sent me her Angel Collection to try out, I was super happy to give them a go.

When I first spoke with Jenni, she told me about her brand and her story is so inspiring. Jenni is an ex-Solicitor who gave it all up to follow her passion in beauty, specifically lashes. After lots of research and her own funding, she developed her range of lashes which are made from 100% human hair. There are currently 4 sets of lashes and they are available individually or as a set, the Angel Collection Gift Set.


The Victoria lashes are the finest pair of lashes and perfect for every day or for a date night where you don't want anything too heavy. I wore these on a date night with Chris, which was a casual dinner and movie, and they were perfect for a natural look. The lashes were super comfy and I even fell asleep with them on in the cinema. I did have to cut these down slightly as they were a little big for my eyes but I usually have to do these with lashes otherwise they irritate me. 


The Jessica lashes are the next level up and are my favourites. I love the way the individual lashes are crossed over, giving a super natural flutter. Again these lashes could be worn for every day or a date night, but I love them for a girls night out as well. They are perfect to add volume and length without looking overly dramatic.


The Kayleigh lashes are a super lash for giving extra length. They again look quite natural as they aren't extremely voluminous but would be perfect for a night out where you need your lashes to stand out a bit. I like wearing lashes like this when I want to go for a statement eye without having to wear a lot of make-up, e.g. when I'm in a rush to get ready for dinner with the girls and don't have time to blend!


The Jennifer lashes are the ultimate night out lashes. They are super voluminous and give extra length, perfect for a dramatic eye look. These lashes are the type of lashes I would wear on a night out where I want my eyes to stand out in photos etc. My best friend's hen party is in 3 weeks and I will definitely be wearing these!


All of these lashes can be worn multiple times if cared for properly and the pair that I tried look exactly as they did when I first took them out of the box so I'm sure I will get lots of uses out of these. 

The packaging - a flexible plastic tray inside a rigid plastic case, makes the lashes easy to store and keep free of dust etc. This is definitely a win for me as I'm always losing lashes or getting them all stuck to each other, struggling to work out which goes with which.

The lashes are priced at £8.50 each or £30 for the set of 4 and Jenni is currently offering customers 10% off all orders when they enter discount code ANGEL at the checkout. 

Overall, I think these lashes are great. There is a pair for everyone and as a lash fanatic, I will definitely get the use out of all of them. 

Lastly, and the most exciting bit, I am running a giveaway for all you lovely readers. All you need to do is follow both me and Jenni's lashes on twitter and tweet me with the hashtag #mimisgiveaway. The winner will be drawn at the end of the month!

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Lots of love, MiMi x

(These lashes were gifted to me, however, all views expressed are entirely my own)


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