Sunday, 24 January 2016

Tiny little haul

What do you do when you're bored and have no inspiration to write? Go shopping of course!

It was a miserable Saturday morning and although there was plenty to do round the house as well as work to catch up on, I could not resist taking a trip into town to have a browse. I did the typical girl thing, go out looking for one thing and come home with several other things that weren't the thing you went looking for!

I went out looking for a dress for my best friends hen party and got a little distracted on the way.

First Stop Primark

Whenever I go into Primark I always have to look at the home section. They have the cutest pillows and duvet sets and I absolutely adore their candles. I am thinking about changing the colour scheme in my bedroom to monochrome and Primark have some great pieces for this. My boyfriend isn't too pleased at the prospect of re-decorating but I really like the monochrome look and its timeless, don't you think? Anyway, enough rambling! Whilst looking at the candle section I found this cute little candle with a lovely cork lid for only £3.00. It smells devine and fits right in with my theme so that went straight in my basket (says in the voice of Anto Sharp).

As I wasn't looking for anything in particular on this visit, I thought I'd have a wander and look at the sections of Primark that I normally overlook. I started to take a look through the make-up and beauty section and came across these cute nautical themed vanity cases. They had these as well as a bigger zip up beauty case but I thought that I'd get the most use out of these ones. As I mentioned earlier, I am going to my best friend's hen party and as we are staying over night I really wanted a new wash bag and make up bag. I love the little rope zipper with the gold detailing and love the fact that both bags have a small zip compartment, perfect for those false lashes or earrings. The bigger wash bag was only £4.00 with the make up bag at £3.00 - bargain!

I'm an absolute sucker for shoes and have got some great pairs from Primark before but when I found these boots, I thought I had struck gold! I have been looking for some ankle boots to wear with jeans for a casual night out but haven't found any that I really loved....until now. I love the fact that although they can be tightened with the laces, they actually have a zipper on the inside which is great - I don't think I could deal with doing the laces up every time. These boots were in the sale but they had plenty of sizes available and were labelled as £10.00 reduced from £15.00. However, when I got to the till, they were only £5.00 which made these boots amazing value.

Primark to Topshop

Whilst making my way to the shoes I noticed this knitted bobble hat in a grey/blue colour. At only £2.50 I couldn't say no as you can never have enough bobble hats.

I then went from Primark to my favourite place, Topshop. After a little wander round I decided that I really needed to get the Joni jeans. I love the high waist and the cut of this jeans and they are super comfy. At £36.00 I don't think you can go wrong as I get so much wear out of them - definitely a must have.

Last stop, Boots

Unfortunately I can't leave without a trip to Boots. Theres always an essential I'm in need of and it gives me an excuse to check out the make-up too! We had run out of toothpaste that morning so I picked up my favourite, Colgate Max White One in Luminous. I like the taste of Colgate toothpastes and the Max White series really make a difference. Love, love, love!

 As my hair is bleached at the bottom, it can get very dry so I needed to pick up some intensive conditioner. I've heard some good things about the L'oréal Hair Expertise range. This conditioner claims to moisturise dry hair and leave it dazzling so I can't wait to try it. It is also free of sulphates and contains botanical oils so I'm hoping that this will be the rescue hair remedy my hair needs. I will keep you updated on this one!

I have been using the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation recently and really loved it but I really wanted to try something different. After watching Pixiwoo's latest video on foundations, I decided to give this one a go. The colour seems to match my skin and apparently it stays matte for 24 hours which would definitely be a win. Watch this space, perhaps a new foundation favourite?

Last but definitely not least, I picked up the new Revlon mascaras. They only had these 3 in store when I went in and they were 3 for 2 so it made sense to pick up all of them. I do really want to try the Dramatic Definition one so may order it online. Looking at the brushes, I am not sure whether the Ultimate all-in-one will be very good but the other 2 look great. Stay tuned for a blog post dedicated to the very mascaras coming up soon.

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Lots of love, MiMi x


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