Sunday, 24 April 2016

Cohorted Beauty Box - First Impressions

At the end of last month whilst going through my morning ritual of adding lots of things to a shopping basket and then not buying them, I decided to actually make a purchase. Some random internet searches got me on the hunt for the perfect monthly subscription box. I have had a Glossy Box before and loved the idea of it but wanted to find something that included more high end products. I looked at the Glamour boxes on but as they aren't a monthly subscription box, they didn't quite fit with what I was after. I then came across the Cohorted Beauty Box.

The website boasts that boxes can include brands such as Nars, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Too Faced (the list goes on) and after watching an unboxing of the February video I decided to take the plunge. With a more expensive price tag than the average beauty box (£35.00) it took a bit of weighing up but in the end I figured that I normally spend way more than that on make up each month so it was worth a go.

The payment comes out at the beginning of the month and you receive your first box around the 2nd week - I got mine on 9th April.

The box itself is the same size as most beauty boxes and has a hinged magnetic lid - perfect for re-using. Unfortunately, as with most subscription boxes, the inside is filled with really annoying paper packing that is a nightmare to get out but apart from that it looks great. It also comes with a booklet giving some information about the products and brands inside, as well as discount codes.

If I'm honest, when I initially took a look at the products I was a little disappointed. The only high end brand that I was familiar with was a Mac lip crayon but it did include some products that I was excited to try.

The first product that caught my eye was the Mac Patentolish Lip Pencil in Kittenish. Previously popular, Mac have re-released this recently and I was so excited to try this out. I am a huge fan of lip crayons and this is a perfect every day pink - so happy it was in the box.

Also in the box was a full size Gold Elements Golden Nail Kit. I have never heard of the brand before but the kit is gorgeous with rose gold accents and a luxurious feel. Included in the kit is a buffer block, nail file, hand & nail cream and cuticle oil - enough for a full manicure. Although I tend to get my nails done at a Salon, I am sure I will get a lot of use out of these products so another win.

Like a magpie, I am attracted to shiny things so the MDM Flow Lipstick caught my eye. I have heard a little bit about the brand so was curious to see what the lipstick was like. Unfortunately the colour is really not my taste but I am hoping that it might be a colour that looks great with a tan so could wear it in the summer.

Also included in the box was a bottle of The Body Shop's White Musk Libertine Eau De Toilette 60ml. Again a product that I haven't tried but I am a fan of most Body Shop scents so this will always be a win. Unfortunately it doesn't look as though you can purchase this online at the moment so I hope it's not discontinued as it smells divine.

Last but very not least was a gorgeous bath bomb from Miss Patisserie. Again a brand I haven't heard of before but immediately I loved it. The bomb is presented in a cute little monochrome box with instructions on the outside and the bomb itself is absolutely beautiful. Made to look like a cupcake, it looks so good you could eat it! Since receiving this box I have seen more products from Miss Patisserie in a local Tesco (one of the huge superstores) and I definitely want to try more from their range.

Although I was initially disappointed in the lack of high end brands in this box, after a closer inspection I can honestly say that I am really pleased with the contents. All items are full size (as with all boxes) and there are plenty of new brands to try out. Cohorted Beauty Box - win!

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Lots of love, MiMi x
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